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The NAPCO and DSC Security System have a 12-Volt 4, 5 or 7 amp hour rechargeable back up battery. When the battery voltage drops below normal, a low-battery signal is displayed on the keypad. For GEMINI alarm system panels, an ‘E-02′ will be displayed. For DSC Power Series panels, Press *  2 and a number ’1′ should appear . At that time, the battery needs to be replaced. Batteries can be ordered and shipped to your home or a Service Call can be scheduled by calling Helms Security Inc 704-732-7090

To replace the battery, locate the alarm system Control Panel (not the keypad) usually in the basement or in a 1st floor closet. See Figure 1 above. Open the door by removing any screws around the lip of the panel door. Unplug the existing battery and recycle. Replace the new battery making sure to plug the RED WIRE to the RED TERMINAL and the BLACK WIRE to the BLACK TERMINAL. BE CAREFUL NOT TO REVERSE THE POLARITY AS IT WILL DAMAGE THE CONTROL PANEL. See Figure 2 above. Close the panel door and replace the screws.

When completed go to the Keypad and press RESET for GEMINI alarm system panels or PRESS AND HOLD the # key on DSC System alarm system panels for 3 seconds.


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