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Firewolf 24V Commercial Intelligent Addressable Fire Panel, NFPA72-compliant 

up to 96 outputs, 4 onboard NACs (6.5A total), expandable to 24, built in Sync/Strobe/Horn Module (System Sensor & Wheelock) and dual line DACT plus optional TCP/IP reporting. Features remote Smoke Obscuration Reporting. Nearly a mile., max. wire run – any wire type –ideal for retrofits. Also supports legacy and conventional (12V)devices, too and more of them per loop! Powerful battery capacity up to 32Ah total.



Gemini-C Commercial Addressable/Conventional 255-Zone Burglary System

Supports full line of new GEMC Commercial-rated conventional, addressable or wireless devices simultaneously on from 8 to 255 zones, with partitioning. UL Merchantile.



GEM-C Combinstion Burglary/ACCESS/Fire Alarm System - Award Winning System Judged to be the Best in FIRE/Life Safety by SIA 2011

Isolated commercial Burg./Access and Fire buses and option for separate burg/access battery backups-- easy calcs., ideal for AHJs. No costly extra Bus Isolator or Loop Isolator modules required! Integrates with GeminiAccess ACM Module. Uses familiar Quickloader Up/downloading and Gemini style keypads in burglary or fire models..




Helms Security is equipped and trained to deliver the best in Commercial Solutions for all of your Intrusion, CCTV Video, Access and Fire Alarms Systems. Our service starts with great system design through project management and implementation. We have provided commercial security solutions to thousands of businesses in the Carolinas. We are proud to say that our high level of support, expertise and service keep our clients coming back. We will work with you to design a solution that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Security systems help to manage the many risks provide economical, scalable solutions. For smaller operations, securing the doors and windows with a motion sensor or two may be all that is required. Larger facilities may want to divide their building into different areas. This allows warehouse workers to come in early and load the truck, but not have access to the office area. If Access Control is needed to multiple entry points at varying times while not compromising security, the same system can be expanded to include access control. This feature allows you to keep doors locked while giving your employees the ability to come and go without having to hand out a bunch of keys. If your company needs added security we can install state-of-the-art facing your business today. By connecting the doors and operating windows to the alarm system with motion sensors and Glass break detectors you can protect your business from the outside world. Our expert professionals will work with you to design the custom Business security system. Commercial security systems video Surveillance. High tech day/night cameras can record the activities around your facility. Connected to a Digital Video Recorder, only activity is recorded so that there is no wasted time reviewing empty video. Your video system can be connected to the internet and viewed remotely, and there are no tapes to change. 











If you are moving into a new building, our experienced technicians can install the Intrusion, Fire detection system and Video Surveillance to meet all of you Security needs.



Our security systems protect small businesses, large commercial environments, restaurants and jewelry stores. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.

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