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Video Security 

Video Security Monitoring Systems are designed to improve facility surveillance and management, allowing one person to monitor more than one location at a time. Imagine being able to monitor 4, 8, 16, or more locations simultaneously. Essentially, this is what CCTV and Digital Video Recording can do for you. Helms Security Inc. is a factory authorized dealer for Digimerge, Openeye and Speco. From a single camera surveillance system to multiple high-speed pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) domes with auto-iris and vari-focal lenses, Helms Security Inc. has a proven track record at providing the expertise to specify, design, install and maintain some of the most complex and sophisticated security surveillance systems installed in the Carolinas.


CCTV and DVR Benefits:

·         Monitor entry and exits to thwart unwanted intruders

·         Monitor parking facilities for employee safety

·         Monitor sensitive areas inside to deter in-house theft

·         In hazardous areas, security surveillance cameras can be used to reduce risk of injury

·         Safeguard security of business locations, staff, and inventory

·         Record action, measure patterns on an hourly or daily basis

·         Verify all types of Alarm Conditions (i.e., fire, intrusion, environmental)

·         Monitor school hallways & computer rooms

·         Monitor your property and watch productivity improve while liability goes down

·         Monitor industrial controls and processes



CCTV Features and Options:

·         Record from 1 security surveillance camera to literally hundreds of cameras all on one system 

·         DVR - Digital Video Recording or NVR – Networked Video Recording

·         Within seconds verify an alarm, search a file from two minutes ago or twenty days ago

·         Remote video surveillance monitoring through LAN, WAN

·         True integration of intrusion, intercom & industrial control systems



Imagine the “peace-of-mind” you will have when you’re able to view what is going on at your home or business real-time from anywhere you might be. All you need is a computer or a smart phone. Most hand-held devices are supported. You might want to check on the kids, look in on your business, see if your store opened on time, keep an eye on people working in your home, checkout why United Systems made a call or text messaged you that your alarm system tripped or was disarmed. You might want to see that everything is ok at your mountain home after a big snow storm. The applications for remote viewing of video surveillance are unlimited for home and business owners. Helms Security  will “connect” you.

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